i5 Smart Welder

i5 SMART Spot Welder features a new medium frequency trans-gun capable of delivering 14,500A with 1,243 lbs (565 daN) of electrode force. The i5 is designed to handle all new ultra high strength steels including Boron, etc. The operator can choose between two different modes AUTO and MANUAL for the two-sided spot welding

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  • Auto Weld: The i5 delivers the correct weld current, weld time,and weld pressure every weld regardless of type of metal,thickness or corrosion protection between metals at the push of a button.
  • Double Acting Gun for Easy and Fast Operation: Unlike any other trans-gun on the market the i5 can spread the electrodes wide open with the push of a button with out the operator ever having to remove his or her hands from their original positions.
  • Inverter Technology, 6000 Hz
  • Medium Frequency Trans-Gun
  • High Resolution Touch Screen Color Display
  • 5 gal. Radiator Looped Cooling System to the Weld Caps»Designed for New Advanced Steels
  • Fully Up-gradable Software
  • OEM Repair Procedures On-board
  • Weld Log & Login Feature
  • Convenient Built-in Tool Storage



  • Input Voltage: 3 Phase 208 – 240v 50/60 hz – 60A. –  3 Phase 400 – 480v 50/60 hz – 40A
  • Welding Amperage: 14,500A max
  • Cable Length: Input 30’ (9.1m)
  • Spot Gun Cable 16’ (4.9m)
  • Electrode Force: 1,240 lb. (565 daN)
  • Liquid Cooling System: Radiator / pump active loop cooled to the weld caps.
  • Microprocessor: High Resolution Touch Screen. –  USB Upgrade-able
  • Protection: IP 21
  • Shipping Weight: 314 lb
  • Weld Head: 26 lb





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